Friday, March 19, 2010

Sweater Update #1

Well, it's my last Friday before I start my new job on Monday and boy have I been productive on the knitting front! I finally started the fingerless mittens/arm warmers that I'm making for Ashley and this morning finished the back of my pullover :) Granted, I still have a lot to do before this is even close to finished but it's starting to look like a sweater now! Unfortunately, one of the armholes looks longer than the other, but I'm crossing my fingers that once I seam everything together it won't be noticeable :/


Also, I totally ripped out a scarf last night that I had been working on with this really crazy novelty yarn I bought a few months back that's imported from Turkey (pictured below). I'm thinking that maybe I should make a pair of leg warmers instead? Maybe I'll even try my hand at creating my own pattern for them since it will require HUGE needles to pull it off. I bet they'll look awesome though!


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